Soccer Odds, Betting Lines And Spread

Soccer is a big sport and millions of people bet on matches especially big league matches such as The Premium League. Knowing soccer odds and understanding how to bet odds can help you win big.

Let’s get to know more:

What Are Soccer Odds?

Odds, also known as fixed odds, are numbers or calculations that help players determine how much they can earn by betting on a specific bet.

Odds are represented in a numerical form that you can multiply by your bet amount to find your total expected winning amount.

This is how it works:

  • You go online to bet $100 on a game. You read the odds to be 1.5 in England’s favor. This means, if England wins, you will make $150 as the odds are 1.5. So you will win 1.5 times the amount you put on the line.

Note: Soccer odds are usually not in a decimal form. More on this later.

There can be two types of bets based on odds.

Odds On: It is a type of wager where your winnings may be lower than the amount you put on the line. Such bets do not offer high returns but are easy to win.

For example, in the above case, you will get $150 back, which includes a profit of only $150, which is lower than your bet amount.

Odds Against: It is a type of wager where your winning amount is more than the amount you put on the line. Such bets offer high returns but are riskier.

Different platforms offer different betting odds. It is better to study different options and choose a platform that fits you the best.

Using Moneylines to Understand Odds

Some bookmakers may represent odds with moneylines. These odds are a given number in the thousands or hundreds, accompanied by a plus or minus symbol.

A positive value shows the amount you can win if you put $100 on the line. You also get your original amount returned in this type of bet.

For example:

  • If the odds are +200 and you play with $100, the total amount you get will be $300 (including your original $100).
  • If the odds are +100 and you play with $200, the total amount you get will be $400. This includes your investment of $200, $100 you win on the first $100 and $100 you win on the second $100.

Calculating potential profits with positive moneyline odds can be difficult. Here’s the formula:

Potential Profits = (odds/100)x(initial stake)

  • Moneyline odds with the minus symbol indicate the amount you must invest before you can make $100, i.e: what you must risk to win. For example, if the odds are $100 and you put $100 on the line, you will get back a total of $200 (including your investment of $100 and $100 profit).

Calculating potential profits with negative moneyline odds can be difficult. Here’s the formula:

Potential Profits = (initial stake)/(odds/100)

Soccer Odds

How to Read Soccer Odds?

Soccer odds are not written in the same manner as odds in other sports. Soccer betting does not usually include decimal points like 1.5 or 3.25. Instead, the odds are given in a fractional form like 5/4 or ⅔. This does not make a difference in the final output.

You will have to work out the true value. For example, if your team has the odds of 6/1, you will make six times the amount you bet. Plus, you’ll get your initial amount back as well.

In addition to this, you should also be careful about where the numbers are on the soccer betting lines.

Right Side Numbers: The amount you will have to invest to receive the number that is given on the left side of the line.

This means, if the soccer betting odds are ⅙, you will have to invest $6 to make a $1 profit. These odds occur when it’s a strong team against a weak team.

What is Spread Betting?

Spread betting works differently when it comes to soccer matches. In this form of betting, you bet against the bookmaker’s decision on different game elements.

For example, if the bookmakers predict 11 to 12 corners, the spread will be 11-12.

Let’s say each corner is available for $5 and you feel that there will be more than 11-12 corners, so you can go ahead and buy a corner. The end result shows 15 corners, which is 3 more than the amount the bookmaker predicted. As a result, you will make a profit of $15 ($5×3). However, if there are a total of 8 corners, you will lose your money ($15).

Soccer spread is not a fixed number and keeps on changing as the match progresses. For example, if there is no corner in the first half, the bookmaker may reduce the spread.

Spread betting is a good way to make a lot of money but it is risky as well since you can end up losing a lot.

What Is Soccer Props Betting?

Also known as proposition bets, props betting involves betting on events that may or may not happen during a match. Due to the nature of these events, they may not have an actual impact on the game result.

For example, you can put your money on who will hit the first goal. Technically speaking, who hits the goal has no impact on the result of the actual game but if your guess is correct, you may end up winning a big amount.

Note: Soccer odds come into play here as different bookmakers will have different odds for each player and you must choose one carefully.

How Can I Use Soccer Odds to Bet?

Odds are used in almost all types of soccer bets, including line bets where the bookmaker sets a margin. This form is betting is only used when there are only two potential outcomes.

It is important to be able to properly read and interpret soccer betting odds. It will help you pick the right team and make the right decision. Sometimes you will have to spend more to earn little, and sometimes you can make more by spending little, but the risk is always there.

Combine odds with the probability of an event so that the risk is reduced.