Both Teams to Score Bets in Premier League Soccer Games

In this modern era of Premier League soccer where high-octane, high-risk tactics are par for the course, punters across the globe are reaping the benefits of attacking football using Both Teams to Score (BTTS) soccer bets.

In fact, there are many ways to use Both Teams to Score betting to make a profit on Premier League soccer. These include studying which teams score and concede the most goals as well as by paying attention to a host of other variables.

It might surprise you to learn that it’s not just the best UK Premier League teams like Manchester City and Liverpool that are worth betting on in BTTS betting. Actually, it can be some of the Premier League’s most unpredictable, erratic clubs that make punters the most money when it comes to this unique style of soccer betting.

So, without further ado, let’s take a deeper look at the world of Both Teams to Score betting in Premier League soccer.

What exactly are Both Teams to Score Soccer Bets?

Put simply, Both Teams to Score betting is when the punter places a bet on both teams scoring a goal at any time in a given match. So as soon as both teams hit the back of the net, your bet has won, no matter the final score.

Sounds simple, right? Well that’s because it is.

Both Teams to Score betting has become more popular in UK football betting in recent years as teams adopt increasingly attacking styles of play. This makes the chances of winning a Both Teams to Score bet better than ever.

What’s more, Both Teams to Score bets provide some of the highest odds in all of soccer betting, meaning you have a real chance at scooping up some serious cash.

All you need is a basic understanding of how to select a winning BTTS soccer bet and the chances of success begin to skyrocket. Some of the biggest wins in recent times have come from Both Teams to Score soccer bets in the UK Premier League.

Soccer Picks for Both Teams to Score Betting in UK Premier League matches

The beauty of Both Teams to Score betting lies in its simplicity. Both teams score and the bet is a winner, it’s that easy.

However, there are a few ways in which you can boost your chances of winning by even more. These include studying the teams who score/concede the most goals and studying a club’s current form. It is also worth paying attention to team news in the run up to a game. If your team’s star striker has pulled a hamstring the day before a local derby, are you still confident of beating that stubborn defensive line?

These are all worthy points to consider before placing a Both Teams to score premier league bet.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is which teams have the best BTTS percentages both home, away and overall.

If that sounds technical then don’t worry, it really isn’t. Let’s take a deeper look at our soccer picks for BTTS betting in the Premier League.

BTTS Percentages and UK Premier League Soccer Picks

One of the most obvious ways of increasing your chances of winning is by placing money on games featuring teams that both score and concede a ton of goals.

The best way to use this method is by checking which Premier League teams have the highest overall Both Teams to Score percentage. This simply means which teams have either scored or conceded in the most games.

For example in the 2018/19 Premier League season, the team with the highest overall BTTS percentage so far is Arsenal. They have both scored and conceded in 22 of their 30 games, a massive 73%!

It is also important to pay attention to BTTS percentages for home and away games, not just overall. For example, whilst Arsenal have the highest overall BTTS percentage, they have only the tenth highest BTTS percentage in home games. The club with the highest BTTS percentage in home games is Manchester United, who happen to be second on the overall list. Surprisingly, a team’s overall league position does not tend to have a massive impact on their position in the BTTS percentage standings.

When two teams with a high BTTS percentage play each other, the odds tend to hover between -200.00 and +200.00. Of course, this depends on exactly which Premier League soccer teams are playing and where the game is taking place, as well as additional factors like team form and injuries.

Unfortunately, teams who both score and concede plenty of goals are not always facing each other. This means that you might have to be a little smarter about where you place your money. One way of doing this is by backing bigger teams playing away from home at lower-ranked teams who manage to score plenty of goals at home. Currently, Arsenal have the Premier League’s highest BTTS percentage in away fixtures with a whopping 93%. When they traveled to Southampton back in December, who have the league’s second highest BTTS rate for a home side, the game finished 3-2. By following this soccer pick, you are sure to achieve success with your Premier League BTTS bets.

More Soccer Picks for UK Premier League BTTS betting

Another smart way to make money from BTTS betting in UK football is to check the match day squad for each Premier League team. If one of the sides is missing their star striker then the odds for a Both Teams to Score bet will be higher, although your chances of winning will of course be lower and it may be a good idea to look elsewhere. For example, when Premier League BTTS kings Arsenal are missing their star striker and lead goalscorer Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, they tend to score much less. On the other hand, Manchester United tend to have a much more equal spread in terms of who scores their goals. This means that an injury or suspension for Romelu Lukaku (their top scorer with 15 goals) might not be as damaging to your Both Teams to Score Premier League soccer bet.

Equally, if one team has the best defensive record in the league but are missing their rock at the back, it could be a great idea to place some money on a BTTS bet for this soccer match. This tends to be the case for Liverpool, one of the league’s top teams. When star defender Virgil Van Dyk is out of the side, Liverpool concede much more. It might be worth bearing this in mind and checking some team news the next time you look to place a BTTS soccer bet on Premier League title challengers Liverpool.

One of the best ways you can place a BTTS bet is as part of an accumulator. This means that you place multiple bets (the same or varied) and band them all together. Whilst this means that if one of your bets loses, they all lose, it also makes for great odds and a thrilling gambling experience. If on any given match day in the UK Premier League there are multiple games featuring teams with a high BTTS percentage, it could be a smart idea to place an accumulator bet.

An ideal situation for an accumulator is when four of the teams with the highest overall BTTS percentages in the Premier League play each other. This season the four teams with the highest BTTS percentage are Arsenal, Manchester United, Leicester and Southampton. If they each play one another simultaneously, an accumulator could bring you great chances at winning some good money.

If you take a look at the BTTS stats for two opposing teams and both have lousy ratings, it is possible to place a negative BTTS bet. Basically, this is a bet stating that both teams will not score. Although the odds on this tend to be lower than in standard BTTS bets, it is still possible to make some good earnings from this type of UK Premier League soccer bet.

Alternative Types of BTTS Premier League Soccer Bet

Another great thing about the Both Teams to Score bet is it’s flexibility and the fact that punters can choose from a range of add-ons.

One of the most popular variations of the BTTS soccer bet is the Both Teams to Score/Result bet. This style of betting requires the punter to select from six possible variations to the match result which are: Home win and yes, Away win and yes, Draw and yes, Home win and no, Away win and no & Draw and no.

Now, the odds for choosing one of the above variations tend to be much higher than those given for a standard BTTS bet. On the down side, predicting the correct outcome can be extremely difficult. One soccer pick for coming out on top in a BTTS/Result bet is to back the bigger teams playing against lesser ranked clubs who manage to score plenty of goals. Odds for this style of BTTS can vary from +200.00 all the way up to +2000.00.

Another type of BTTS soccer bet is the Both teams to score in both halves bet. Although extremely tough to get right, the odds on this bet are usually fantastic and give you a shot at a top payday. In fact, odds tend to start around +900.00 and go all the way up to +5000.00 for a BTTS in both halves bet!

So what’s it all about? Basically, punters bet on both teams scoring at least one goal in each half of the game, meaning the result must finish 2-2 or more. One of the best soccer picks for this style of BTTS bet is to select big teams who score and concede plenty of goals. In the 2018/19 Premier League season, Arsenal and Manchester United have two of the highest BTTS percentages. When the clubs fought it out at Old Trafford, the final score was 2-2 with each team scoring a goal per half. Odds for this style of BTTS soccer bet can be great and vary from around +500.00 to +3000.00.

BTTS and Over/Under is yet another variation on the standard Both Teams to Score bet. This bet basically states that Both teams will score and there will be either under or over 2.5 goals in the match. So for example, if the result is 1-1, there has been under 2.5 goals in the game (2). Yet if the game ends up 2-1, there has been over 2.5 goals (3). Again, this style of betting is more difficult to predict than the standard BTTS bet but the odds tend to be much higher.

Summary of Both Teams to Score Betting for the Premier League

One of the simplest and most exciting ways of betting on UK football, Both Teams to Score bets rely on games between teams that are equally as great in attack as they are frail in defence.

It pays off to look toward Premier League BTTS ratios when making a bet in this category. By studying the different BTTS percentages for home games, away games and overall games, you are much more likely to find success. In the 2018/19 season, teams such as Arsenal, Manchester United and Southampton have proven great value for BTTS bets. At the other end of the spectrum, rock-solid Liverpool have kept out most teams they’ve faced whilst lowly Huddersfield can’t seem to buy a goal either at home or away.

In short, looking at BTTS percentages as well as other factors like team news is key for succeeding in BTTS Premier League bets. It is also important to look at stats like form and league position, which make it possible to make a good profit by betting on Both Teams to Score in Premier League soccer.