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Soccer has taken the US by storm. Since 1996 and the first season of the MLS (Major League Soccer), fandom has grown in America. Instead of 10 MLS teams, we now have 24 and more to come. However, cable and the internet have given American soccer fans a gift far greater than the MLS. It has given them the Premier League. The Premier League is soccer at its finest. Fans across the US are waking up well before the sun to enjoy Premier League soccer. Now, those same soccer enthusiasts get to experience the best part about sports: betting online.

The United States Supreme Court’s decision to legalize sports gambling was met with celebration. Finally, soccer fans can bet online. Instead of traveling to Nevada to bet soccer, they can bet online from the comfort of their own home. This is easily the best way to make a bet. Soccer fans everywhere are diving in and here’s why:

Bet Online to Make Every Pass, Tackle, Shot and Save Matter More

Betting online is the pinnacle of soccer fandom. It makes every game more interesting. When you have “skin in the game”, every play on the pitch matters more. It completely changes viewing the game of soccer. Bet online for a draw, win or draw and all 90 minutes become even more riveting. Imagine watching a game end in a draw and leave fulfilled. Even more, imagine rooting for a game to end in a draw. Finally American fans can celebrate a tie. Because when you bet soccer, every moment becomes so much more.

Bet Soccer and Make Income From It

As with many recreational activities, many take it a step further into fiscal success. “Gamblers” everywhere are utilizing research and data to make money from betting online. American fans are coming in droves to bet online for football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer matches. However, there is a huge opportunity for enthusiasts that truly understand soccer to bet. Soccer has not always been America’s favorite sport and it is growing at a rapid rate. Because of this growth, there will be countless soccer fans that simply bet online on their favorite team. Additionally, many that don’t quite understand the game of soccer will hop online to make a frivolous bet. Soccer has a rich history and the true students of soccer can capitalize on this lack of knowledge. When the flurry of soccer betting online skews the odds, the soccer master makes his mark.

Betting Online is Like Playing the Stock Market

Think of the Premier League like a stock market. Many relate the stock market to luck and gambling. Nevertheless, there are countless brokers that make a career in stocks. In the same way, soccer devotees can earn significant income from online betting. Picture this. A soccer follower decides to bet online in an upcoming Premier League match. While many would simply call it good with one bet, soccer masters know better. Just like brokers diversify their portfolio, the soccer “broker” diversifies his or her betting. Online, it becomes simple to do this. Open new tabs for research, create spreadsheets and learn from analysts to find an edge.

Bet Soccer Because the Season is Long

There are 380 Premier League matches each season. Every team plays 38 matches, playing each team in the league twice. A season spanning from August to May gives soccer lovers time to learn and adapt. Fans learn as the season progresses. Then they translate that knowledge to their online bets. Knowledge is power (or in this case, winnings).

In addition, the length of the soccer season also gives the soccer “broker” time to build their funds. Win after win compounds to create more opportunities to bet. Soccer becomes more than just a weekly game. It becomes a bonafied living.

Betting Online for Soccer is Just Fun

But more than just making income from betting online, soccer bets easily can become a fan’s favorite hobby. 380 matches of pure and enthralling action. When an fanatic makes a bet, soccer matches become a priority to follow.

How to Get Started

Getting started with your online betting is simple. It truly is. Start with finding one or two games that you think you know well. Look at the odds and pick home, away, or draw. Choose the amount of money you feel comfortable betting online, and you’ve made your first bets. Now enjoy the 90 minutes and extra time with a whole new feeling of anticipation.

How to Learn and Improve

Once you get started, here’s how you continue to make it worthwhile. Remember that the season doesn’t stop once you make your first bet. Soccer extends through most of the year. That gives ample time for trial, error and adjustment. Discover which online bets brought you success and study those. Then make your alterations for the following set of games and increase your chance of winning.

As the season progresses, you will create a larger set of wins and losses. Each week, each month and then each season becomes your history. It becomes easier to track winnings, follow your online betting victories. Those that learn from their history are not doomed to repeat it (unless they are trying to repeat their winning formulas).

Stack Your Winnings to Continue to Bet Online

Possibly the best part about soccer betting is the ability to roll over your winnings to the next day. What starts as betting online for only a handful of games can quickly become betting every weekend match. Ten dollars becomes twenty. Twenty becomes forty. Forty becomes eighty. And so on and so forth. Although it may start with just one bet, soccer betting can tally up quickly. Winnings stack and the fan’s excitement grows exponentially.

Soccer – The Beautiful Game

The world’s most loved sport is popular for so many reasons. It is soaked in history, culture and entertainment. Athletes from around the entire globe can compete in it. When you watch a soccer match, you are watching with the world. Race, gender, age, background and country all blend into one category: fandom.

Fans of soccer are unique. They are dedicated and passionate. This is exemplified when looking at Premier League Fans in America. The difference between London and Seattle is seven hours. Watching a 10:30am game in London becomes a 3:30am for a West Coast viewer. That’s the definition of commitment.

So reward your dedication and passion. With our platform, you will join fans across America when you make your first bet. Soccer is the world’s best sport. Betting online makes soccer your favorite hobby, career and pass time. Best of luck with your winnings. Have fun, learn and continue to enjoy the greatest game of our time.